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Ruined By Resolutions

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Peer pressure is the phrase used for younger folks, but even those with 'experience' learn lessons the hard way. Grown-ups ruin their chances at having a relaxed life; one such example is New Year's Resolutions.

Stressing over:

1. Coming up with resolutions, which can be (un)consciously influenced by others.

2. Personalizing the resolution: What if my lifestyle doesn't support this? How do I achieve the same way everyone else is?

3. The anxiety of actually getting started.

4. Struggling with guilt of not being consistent with your resolution.

What's the solution?

Obviously to not make resolutions in the first place! Instead, replace your goals and to-do's with noticing what you have already done and appreciating what you already did.

Your energy will become organic in achieving your purpose.

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