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Roller coaster 🎢 journey of a people-pleaser:

People pleasers try to mold themselves according to expressed, or guessed, likes and dislikes of the "pleasee".

The out come can be a hit 🎯 which gives the satisfaction of an accomplishment.


the frustration of a failure ❌ that leads to the need to start the routine all over again. 🙄

On the other hand, choosing integrity and fit moral health creates an attraction in the big picture ultimately.

Worse yet, people-pleasing will eventually not work and the pleaser will feel “this doesn’t make sense” 🤷🏽‍♀️ ; that’s the clue to the diagnosis of people pleasing.

Upon further probing of such traits in oneself and gaining the courage to admit they are there, one can stop doing the don’ts in the name of people-pleasing. One can then comfortably ignore responding to people-pleasing from others as well. -Vaanakka

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