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Exercise: What Pushes Your Buttons?

During my life coaching classes we were given the assignment of making a prop to explain an idea of our choosing.

I picked buttons; what pushed your 'buttons' and what you push on others. I drew them on a piece of construction paper and labelled them. I recommend you ask yourself the following questions to find your own ‘buttons’:

If you were to make buttons, what would they be?

What are your prominent buttons?

Which ones are the oldest? Which ones are new?

Whom do you allow to push them and why? List the names and relationship of them to you.

On the flip side whose buttons do you push?

How long have you been pushing them?

What are those buttons?

How do you feel when you push their buttons?

Here were mine from 13 years ago. Think of your own buttons and share them with me or with others in the comments below!


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