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“Athi sarvathra varjayeth” - Eliminate Excess

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

“Athi sarvathra varjayeth”

The literal translation of this Samskruth phrase is:

Athi= Excess

Sarvathra= Everywhere

Varjayeth= To be discarded

There are similarly themed proverbs from around the world. For example, the British philosopher Bertrand Russel said “Too little liberty brings stagnation, too much brings chaos.”

In simpler terms applicable to our daily, too much of anything is not a good thing. Balance is key.

So, how to identify the "athi"/excess?

There are enough examples:

  1. Loyalty to a political party, religious institution, community even when clear harm is noticed is an extreme. We have seen people waking up to this reality and making wuse choices

  2. The other common example of an extremism is changing everything unnecessarily in the name of "modernizing".

  3. Careless spending and obsessive saving is another familiar picture with finances.

Please feel free to share your story of transformation from excess to balance.


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