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About Satyavani

a.k.a. Vanakka: Vani, my nickname + Akka, meaning "Big Sister" in Telugu

"I am a senior by date of birth, but wiser from a life of learning things the hard way.

I was trained as a doctor (M.B.B.S) in India, but over the years I have added many alternate forms of healing to the Western one a.k.a allopathy. I was a Mental Health Counselor by work and graduate of iPEC Life Coaching school.

I've also learned quite a bit during my volunteering and training in domestic violence shelters. I have also been a full-time and very involved parent to two daughters and a son for over 3 decades.

I want to be a full time farmer some day, but just a part time gardener, for now. I'm very allergic to wasteful practices that harm the planet and use activism to combat them.

I have the privilege of knowing my Bharath (Indian) culture and an American way of living. I am a trilingual (Telugu, Hindi and English in that order of proficiency) and always learning more; currently Spanish!"

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